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happy wheels demoHappy Wheels Demo is a very violent online flash game where you can also find some humor. The main objective of the game is to use different means of transport in order to finish the level. The graphics are simple and provide high quality images .In the game you need to pass a series of levels while managing diverse characters who move on a wheeled means of transport : a chair, a bicycle and a segway . In order to pass all the levels successfully, you will need attentiveness, quick reactions and the ability to calculate the possible danger .At the very beginning of the game you will be given the option to choose any vehicle which you like best. The goal is to escape and reach the finish line without any damages. You need to escape and stay alive after a few , pre-organized threats for you routes. The humor is an inseparable part in the game  as you are able to tease your main character. In order to be safe you will need to bypass the hidden traps and escape from the vehicle maze. Pass the trenches and holes to overcome the difficulties that await you on your road throughout the game. You need to come with no problem at the end of the level without losing parts of your body or vital organs.

Other features

happy wheels demo bikemanFor the first in time, you might lose the game and you will see how the chosen main hero dies with the most horrible death flooding all around with the blood. However, do not despair as if you fail you can replay your bloody death. Some people think that it is not possible to win the game, but trust me, if you show off your best abilities and riding skills you will definitely win the champion’s cup . Indeed, Happy Wheels demo is a very funny game but unfortunately, to say the truth, because of the incredible amount of blood this game sometimes is not suitable for all gamers. However, it satisfies those gamers who are not looking at it and just want to enjoy the play. So enjoy happy wheels demo probably the craziest game in the whole web world you will ever play. In this game, your fun is guaranteed so challenge yourself with the complicated levels and excellent game physics. So, play and enjoy with us





Happy Wheels Demo