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happy wheels 2If you are not easily disturbed by politically incorrect humor, you may find Happy Wheels 2 a lot of fun. Its premise is simple and we have seen it many times: drive a vehicle over dangerous terrain without crashing.

But here’s the twist. One of the characters you can play is a wheelchair-bound man. He is old and dressed in tattered clothes, giving the impression that he is homeless. Another one is a bike driver. He is wearing a helmet but his small son who is sitting in a back seat is not.

Once you choose your antihero, the fun starts. Driving on the bumpy terrain is difficult enough, but there are also moving gears and other obstacles that can hurt you. And when that happens, things get horrible very fast. Remember the guy driving a kid? The kid can fall out and get mangled, but his dad just keeps going. If something bad happens to you, there will be sprays of blood, torn limbs, and crushed heads.

Despite all the violence, Happy Wheels is still a fun – and very challenging – physics game that will require skillful driving and a lot of trial and error if you want to get it right and make it out alive.
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