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happy wheelsHappy Wheels is a game that involves a lot of your player dying in pretty gruesome ways. You can select a range of characters to play as in each level, which comes with a different vehicle, including a guy on a bike with his child riding in the back named Irresponsible Dad, a guy on Segway, Santa, an old guy in a wheelchair and a woman in an electric grocery cart. You can select whatever level you wish to play at any time that you wish to play it as there is no progression of levels that you must unlock. The game also allows for user created levels that can be shared with the gaming community. There are levels where the goal is to reach a designated ending goal area and levels that with no ending which are made for the character to die. Levels can have other characters not your player used as obstacles which, for example, you could run into to knock into a nice bed of spikes to make sure that you can use them as a shield over it. Irresponsible Dad has his son on the back in a seat. The son can also take damage and is often on the receiving end of the consequences of Irresponsible Dad’s bad choices. Some other obstacles include bombs, fans that can cut you to pieces, and platforms that will launch you in the air. In levels where there is a defined goal area, signified by a checkered flag over a spot that says “Victory”, all that may be required of your character to reach that goal is your heart. So you could be completely mashed up into pieces, but as long as your heart makes the goal, you can beat the level. Other times, there is no need to finish anything, it may often be impossible to beat a level or the level ends with you dying after you complete some task such as make it through a maze of obstacles. Happy Wheels was created by developer Jim Bonacci in response to his displeasure of playing games where there is no damage to your player for falling off your vehicle. He made the character’s damage to be comical to get people to laugh at the way the player can die.


Happy_wheels_charactersControls in Happy Wheels are pretty simple, as the game is a 2D game. Up and down arrows move you forward and backwards, the left and right arrows allow you to lean. You can eject from your ride by pressing Z. The space bar does a main action, typically grabbing with your hands.

Tips and Tricks

happy wheels the best gameIn some levels the goal is to get off of your vehicle and use your character’s body to get through the level. Also, don’t worry about losing your leg or other arm, you can still continue on. You probably will want to restart the level if your character can’t move any further. This will likely happen after the loss of most of your appendages. Don’t be afraid to cause some damage to others to win.

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Happy Wheels Unblocked – Game for free! Happy Wheels Unblocked is the most fascinating online that has the perfect positions in the world. Joyful Wheels Demo game cuts across lots of the folks who Perform online sport which range from the young age on the aged persons. The Pleased Wheels is constructed by the perfect programmer who keeps on raising the character of this match. The world rankings of online games are performed by an impartial system that includes rated Unblocked Joyful Wheels Demo that the most helpful action in for the last eight weeks constantly. The images together with the Joyful Wheels are Enormous graphics that guarantee the photos are extremely clear on the player. The absolute best players today carry out the Happy-Wheels…

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Happy Wheels Demo – Play Online! Happy Wheels Demo is a very violent online flash game where you can also find some humor. The main objective of the game is to use different means of transport in order to finish the level. The graphics are simple and provide high quality images .In the game you need to pass a series of levels while managing diverse characters who move on a wheeled means of transport : a chair, a bicycle and a segway . In order to pass all the levels successfully, you will need attentiveness, quick reactions and the ability to calculate the possible danger .At the very beginning of the game you will be given the option to choose any vehicle which you like…

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